Intel Pentium EE965 Series Verses Intel Pentium D 970 Series

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Which of the two machines would you recommend for graphic designing and basic animation purposes? An Intel Pentium D 970 with the following features: SSE3, NX, Data width of 64 – AMD64/EM64T technology, processor speed of 3.8GHz, 2GB of Ram as against an Intel Pentium EE965 with the following features also: AMD Althon 64 x 2, SSE3, NX, Data width of 64-bit, HT, VT technology, processor speed of 3.73GHz and 2GB of Ram. Thank you.

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Intel Pentium EE965 Series Verses Intel Pentium D 970 Series



Mainly processors are valued because of their speed. The better speed, the smoother performance and better quality.

The two processors you mentioned come with almost same speed. Pentium D 970 is with 3.8 GHz, and Pentium EE965 is with 3.73 GHz. The first one is recommended, but after judging all other features beside the processor speed, I think, the second one is better.

Pentium D970 has never been released, it was just in the laboratory in Intel. On the other hand, Pentium EE965 is with extreme power. All the extreme edition of Intel processors have a bigger advantage than other ordinary ones.

It comes with 4MB cache and 1066 FSB. It is with 3.73 GHz, better than many Core i3 and Core i5 series processors. It has two cores, better for multi-tasking.

That’s why it’s good to have.

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