Integrated Services Digital Network Problem

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I'm lost when it comes to ISDN. Although I have been programming systems from Nortel for a long time, I am a bit 'lost when it is configured for ISDN. My limited knowledge could be quite dangerous, but I just do not understand fully what I'm doing. Here's my question to those who can answer:

1) What are the TSP? How many user IDs can be? Making TSP dedicated ISDN service completely? In other words, if two users want a single ISDN / all, I can program two TSP in the same DSL service, which separates two different users, or are somehow connected to the TSP?

2) The LD 27, I need to (1) Built-In DSL for each TSP account?

3) Can I build a TSP on an existing DSL configured to provide a second ISDN service to someone totally separated from any other ISDN service?

4 Why two numbers to the TSP? Should be two DID numbers?

5) RE: Wiring – When should I use 2-son vs. 4-core? Is there a specification for equipment manufacturers?

6) Does the SILC cards for son and four cards UILC for 2-son?

Some of my questions may be asked the same thing and if so, I apologize for being redundant. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Integrated Services Digital Network Problem


Hello Jamesisdn,

I give you a few head stats on what ISDN is all about. ISDN itself is a service provider for the internet services. Some of the best features that it provides when it comes to the usage of the internet include providing a free protection against viruses and spam for the email accounts and it also offers unlimited email account names.

With ISDN also you will benefit by paying just a little amount for a month to be get all those services, and you will be given your own domain name which will of about 10 GB ranging all the way to 500 GB and you will be able to gain internet services through just one service provider.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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