Installing A Solid State Drive In A Desktop To Increase System.

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Solid state drive is used to improve boot times and increase the speed of your computer. It makes the applications load faster and the desktop becomes more responsive. What is the process of installing a solid state drive in a desktop?

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Installing A Solid State Drive In A Desktop To Increase System.


1) The computers case is unscrewed. Ensure you have a clear access to the system’s motherboard. 

2) Take the SSD and screw it in the motherboard.

3) Take a SATA cable and attach the L-shaped end to SSD.

4) Disconnect other hard drive from the PC.

5) Turn on your PC, insert the DVD. Press F2 key. You will be redirected to Bios.

6) Select your DVD drive to boot.

7) Press any key when prompted. Choose the language you prefer and click next and then Install now.

8) Accept the license agreement. From the list displayed, choose your SSD. Click next to start with the installation. .

9) After the installation, your system will restart. Make your SSD as the main boot device. When prompted write the username.


10) After the username and password, your installation will be finalized and the installation will start.

11) Turn off your PC. Assemble the case again and turn on the desktop.

12) Your SSD is the main boot device. Connect the other hard disks. All your files are present as it is as they were before the installation.

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