PC crash while playing video games

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Hi mates,

Here,my pc is becoming more unstable.It crashes while playing video games, and when it is brand relaunch there have a problem with the bios I should update it.So I made day program with auto update.

I have the latest ASUS drivers, but now it crashed two times more often telling me that I have a driver problem, but I do not see how I can put as a pilot.

I have seen the latest version.
Sometimes it reboot before you even get to the download page of Windows.

I'm lost I not find any solution.Help me.

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PC crash while playing video games


Dear after reading your whole message i would suggest to install a perfect graphics card according to your need of games, what types of games you play, how many space they require, what sort of graphics they need, update your PC according to your requirements then your games will not be crashed and your games will run smoothly and sufficiently and no any crashing problem in the games.

This is mostly done to play high graphics games on low requirement PC and you also know now a day’s highly loaded games are coming in the market.

So, I will prefer you to update your graphics card and also f your budget allow you then update your RAM also it will work better for you.


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PC crash while playing video games


Hello Tim,

You should have to review the system requirements of the game you are playing and also the specs of  your computer.

Actually, system crash will occur when your PC can't handle something especially in Graphics and memory. Ideally, there are two kinds of system requirements. The minimum and the recommended system requirements. Try to take a review of those system requirements if your PC can handle those.

  • If your PC doesn't meet the specified system requirements, then I would suggest playing games that your computer can handle or replace your video card/video adapter with a larger capacity to play the game that you desire.
  • Another thing to consider is the memory.. If you can afford to add additional memory/RAM to your computer then it is a good alternative to have a smooth processing in gaming.

Lastly, If you use your computer for gaming purposes, have at least of 8 – 10 gigabytes of free space on your C: drive. To ensure system stability since computer games with greater effects and graphics consumes a lot of resources that will also occupy disk space in large amounts that would lead to the system crash.  

Also, the larger the free space on your C: drive the faster it will respond and safe to the system crash.



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