Input / Output Error While Installing Windows 7

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The problem which I was facing from last 3 to 4 months was that I have an assembled PC whose configuration are as follows:-

CPU  :   Core2 duo 2.66 GHz

RAM  :  2 GB DDR 2

MotherBoard : G31

Currently I am using windows XP but I tried to upgrade my system to windows 7 enterprise edition. But which I tried  to install it in the middle of the somewhere in the installation process where the windows files are expanding, a message appears "input/output error". I have tried each and every single thing but unable to resolve this problem. May be some one who faced the similar problem can help me out ? I even replaced my hard drive and RAM but still the same question exist. My other question is that can we install Mac OS in a simple assembled PC ? Hope some one finds an answers to my questions and update me.

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Input / Output Error While Installing Windows 7



 You might want to try and reset the BIOS first by switching the BIOS pins or reseating the BIOS battery. You can also try to do a clean installation instead of an upgrade. On the other hand, Yes, you can install MAC OS in a PC with Intel Processor but there are a lot of things to consider like driver for the hardware, softwares that will be compatible to your computer's hardware and all the necessary firmwares needed to run Mac properly without causing any Bugs or issues. Instead of using minor internal hardwares like sound cards, Lan cards or Wireless cards, you can use external devices with MAC OS Drivers since it runs independently and doesn't rely to the capacity of your motherboard.

Hope this helps.

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Input / Output Error While Installing Windows 7


Hello Vikram,

Even before replacing your hard drives and the RAM you should have considered getting another operating system installation and then try it and see if the same problem occurs, because the problem may be with the operating system that you are trying to install. Maybe it is corrupt or it does not meet the system requirements of the computer that you are using, for instance you may be trying to upgrade the windows XP which could be a 32 bit version with a 64 bit version of windows 7 which will definitely not work.

So I suggest that you get another windows operating system after clearly checking the system specifications and the try using it to perform the upgrade.


Mahesh Babu

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