Computer is getting frozen/hang every now and then

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I work on my computer almost 16+ hours a day. However it was working properly until now. Recently it is getting hanged or frozen by sometimes and I have to switch off the power and then restart again. This is a big predicament to my work. I want to solve this problem soon. Please give me suggestion which I can use to solve this problem.

Joey Fergus

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Computer is getting frozen/hang every now and then


Hey Joey,

There might be TWO reasons for this

(1) A virus attack

(2) Almost 16+ hours a day.

So the first thing, this might be for a possible VIRUS attack that is defecting or already defected some of the Windows file, for which it is stopping your computer to work properly,

Solution: re-install the operating system(or use recovery) and install a full version Anti-Virus.
(if you are using original windows, download MSE from Microsoft)

For the second one, this might be the problem of POWER SUPPLY or the fan inside the casing,

Please check if the FAN inside the casing is working fine, and your Motherboard is not overheated, try installing an extra fan.

Hope this helps.

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