Inkscape 0.48 installer, I encounter an error

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Good day everyone,
As I run the Inkscape 0.48 installer, I encounter an error which appears in the middle of the process.  I think that there is a file that was not installed properly.  
Hoping to fix things up, I downloaded LittleCms 2.3 from Sourceforge.  
I installed it but the error was not repaired.  I have posted the CMS error below.  Hopefully someone can give me a solution because I am still new to this and I am having a hard time even in just installing something.  
Thank you very much.
"./configure" command:
"checking for LCMS… no
configure: error: –enable-l cms was specified, but appropriate Little Cms development packages could not befound".
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Inkscape 0.48 installer, I encounter an error



Hi there user:

Nothing was wrong or missing, your InkScape could be obscured. You will need InkScape to use LCMS1 and 2. Get the source for InkScape (which added support for LCMS 2 for Windows), and then try again. This is unlike the older version, which (only) requires LCMS1.

I hope this could solve your problem. Feel free to post again.

Best regards,

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