Information about Cloud Computing Software for business

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Hi experts ,

I am planning to use the Cloud computing software for my business. Is there a free version that I can install in my computer?

I need to install at least 2 computers to test the benefit of this software to my business?

Please help I want to know how and where to start.

Any help with that


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Information about Cloud Computing Software for business


It all depends on the kind of service you're looking for the cloud computing software to do. If you're looking for a financial aid for you're  business, mint is the best thing there is. On the other hand, CloudMe is a software application for you're computer that allows you to hold more storage, such as pictures, music, calendars, mail, media players, and word processors, which could really come in handy for java approved websites.

There is also Cloud, which is basically the same thing as CloudMe, but it lets you do all that from anywhere you are, because it stores all the information you save to it online. (Which in my opinion, is not a good idea with personal information.) If you are looking for a cloud computing antivirus software, Panda CloudAV would be the easiest choice. It was given Editor's Choice in PC Magazine for best free antivirus software. And last but not least, there is (free edition). A platform for business apps and websites, but the downside is that ONLY the first one is free. After the first, you have to pay.

Hope This Helps!

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