Cloud Computing and Cloud Technology…Same or Different?

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Hello Experts,

Can somebody please clarify a few things for me? I am trying to learn a little bit more on computers and systerms when I read a little about Cloud Computing.  I am a bit  confused about Cloud Computing and Cloud technology.  Are they the same thing or completely different systems? Can you elaborate on each and tell me what the differences are between them? It is  much appreciated. 

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Cloud Computing and Cloud Technology…Same or Different?


Cloud technology are the ones that provide the service of cloud computing. They are the companies that authorized to manage cloud server and offer there products and services. They are the supermarket that sells products and cloud computing are the products they sell.

Cloud technology are the partners and clients to assess, plan and they also the ones that implement cloud computing solutions.

While cloud computing is the actual service that the subscriber enjoys. They can save data, play and access whenever they needed as long as they have it, ready to access in the iCloud server. This is an application that can be accessed using the web browser while the data are stored in the form of cloud computing.

These 2 are a in way related. They dramatically inter-related in many ways, where cloud technology is the provide and cloud computing is the service they provide. It's like a metaphor for the Internet that uses computer network diagrams or an abstract form of infrustructure to ensure data is secured.

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