Info on Wireshark Software or Help with Canopy Settings

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Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me out. I have some huge issues here with my internet service. I am currently subscribed to SmartBro, which is a local wireless internet provider here in the Philippines. I subscribed to their 1Mbps plan and yet, I rarely even get 256 Kbps for my internet connection. I think that the canopy or the company's base station has been accessed illegally or tampered with.

I think someone or a number of people in my neighbourhood might have tweaked the settings and siphon the speed that was supposed to be mine. I am currently looking for an application or a service that can find the access point or IP nearest to me so that I may be able to check the canopy's settings and see if it has been changed. I chanced upon a software called Wireshark and I don't know if it can help.

Any ideas on this? Hope you can shed some light on this! Thanks!

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Info on Wireshark Software or Help with Canopy Settings



After looking through Wireshark's capabilities, It looks to me Wireshark is a very effective tracking application but it seems you would need to employ network specific hardware to work and analyze the data you would need to gather.

Notwithstanding the AirPcap USB module you would need to purchase from Wireshark to act as your wireless transmission catcher or receiver. In my opinion this application is geared to target engineering and telecom companies to append their transmission testing equipment and to validate dead-spots and black holes in their transmission grid. If you are prepared with the cost of the equipment needed ( eg: network analyzer, signal generators, encryption decryption ) then by all means go ahead.

I would suggest looking for HSDPA / CDMA sniffers that can be paired with your existing wireless USB adapter to be utilized as a receiver you might have better luck and less cost. Better yet inform the  engineering team of your provider regarding your concern of wireless leechers around your area so that they would be the ones to conduct the tracking.

Happy Hunting,

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