Search Engine Marketing Services with details

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Offsite Search Engine (SEM) includes a wide range of modalities. All of our SEM Packages are designed to bring results by using all tools and methods. These include listings on high quality search directories, local review sites, niche and regional locations as well as social media strategies, blogs, videos, image accounts and press releases. We offer SEO/SEM Packages starting as low as $200 a month. We offer our services at this rate because we know that a gradual and natural build for your online presence is the best approach. Our focus is on quality and a proven process which brings measurable results over time

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Search Engine Marketing Services with details


Nevertheless, should your website or opening webpage
fail to contain "generic" keywords, then anyone using
such "generic" queries will not be able to discover
your website. Your domain name [URL] of your website,
in a sense, will be invisible, undiscoverable.

You may want to consider some simple algorithms which,
when observed and committed in designing of a website
with placement of various critical metatags that can
surely achieve a high search engine presence and
increase Internet traffic to your website. These
metatag strategies work well with published webpages
at Google and Yahoo.

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Search Engine Marketing Services with details



That is a very nice service. I would like to know about the costs associated with setting up the search engine so that it can be used on a person's website, let alone the monthly charges. Does your service apply to all the websites that have been developed by whichever method, for instance content management system which include joomla, front page and others, dreamweaver or simple html sites. Do the prices vary for these categories?

Otherwise I will like to know how you will market my site, and how long it will take for it to gain popularity using your search engine marketing services.


Lee Hung

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