Importance of OS Familiarity for Cellphone Users

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1. I am having difficulty uploading games on my cellphone, does the Operating System of my gadget has something  to do with it?

2. My gadget is not android based. Is there a way for me to upload a certain Operating System that would enable me to download applications supporting the Android?

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Importance of OS Familiarity for Cellphone Users



It depends on your cellphone. If your cellphone is an Iphone, Nokia or a BlackBerry, chances are you are not going to be able to install a new Android operating system (also known as “rooting”). It is because these 3 major cellphone companies have their own operating system, namely the IoS, Symbian and Blackberry OS respectively. The Android operating system is an open source operating system, which means that anyone can freely modify it. In line of this, your difficulty of installing games to your cellphone depends on your brand.

Having a game install on an Iphone is pretty easy, just go to their app store located as one of the main buttons in your unit and just select and pay for your game. If you want to get those games for free however, you need to go to a legal yet risky method known as Jailbreaking.

On a Nokia, installing games and applications is a standard procedure. Just go to their ovi store and select your games that you want to play, provided that you have a stable network coverage. Installing games on the Blackberry is very similar to it but you are going to buy your games from the Blackberry App World.

Installing games without doing the ones above on a Nokia or other similar phones is easy if your phone can recognize Java games. Just search the internet for phone game providers like Mobile Raid ( and mobi11 ( Both of these can provide games and other applications but sometimes there are programs there that are advertisement-supported (games where advertisements sometimes pop out), which can become a nuisance.

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