I’m having problem to use the Wireless network in my range?

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I'm using a laptop and its model is "HP Compaq NC 6000".  It does not have WiFi support but is has a wireless connectivity.

I get some wireless network signal, from my home and i configure them myself. The operating system of the laptop is Windows XP service pack 2. When I configure the connection, a notification message comes,  that I have got connected. But when I try to use the same setting in my browser, the browser can't find any connectivity!!

Can any one tell me, what is the probable cause of this problem and can you suggest any way to get connected to the wireless network ? Moreover, those servers are not password protected, so there is no basic problem that I find.

Is there any problem with my Laptop or the server?? Please someone, tell me what  I can do?? Its very important, so help as soon as possible.

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I’m having problem to use the Wireless network in my range?


Hi Mistry1,

I have a couple of steps, that you can do, to get connected to the unsecured wireless connection. Since you are connecting to an  unsecured network, there are possible issues, why it won't work.

Here are scenarios and steps to solve;

Scenario 1  :  Windows XP manually created a network name/SSID, so it connects automatically.  Problem with this is, when you re-connect to the network and SSID should change, it definitely won't work.  

Solution for this, refresh wireless network found in range, then connect to your desired unsecured wireless network. It should usually connect to that network.

Scenario 2  :  Windows XP connects to a unsecured network when list of SSID is refreshed. Problem with this is, settings of a router, that only numbers of computer can connect to this network.

Solution, re-start your computer and refresh the network list. Connect to that unsecured network. If any luck, it should work but if not, a settings of your browser need to be checked. LAN proxy settings needs to be unchecked, for it to work.

Hope this helps.

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I’m having problem to use the Wireless network in my range?



You mentioned that you got a wireless network at home and you configure them yourself.  So I would assume that you have a wireless router and you are subscribed to an Internet Service Provider.  Since your wireless computer is connected already to the wireless network then there is no question with that.  The reason why it is not getting online might be that your router is not synchronized with your modem or maybe your router is not configured properly to work with it.  Who is your Internet Service Provider? Is it a cable or PPOE connection type?  If you are not sure about this then you need to contact your ISP.  Once you get the internet, consider securing your wireless network so that intruders cannot access you network.

More power to you.


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