iGuidance 2011 not enough space to install error

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Hello All,

I recently downloaded the 2011 version of iGuidance from INAV. When trying to install this application, I am getting an error reporting that there is not enough space on my computer. I am attaching a screen capture of this error below. I find that I have about 38.7 GB of free space on my disk. Is this not sufficient disk space? I checked the website to find the space requirements and there seems to be no reason to believe that the total requirement would exceed 2 GB in an earlier version and the latest version will take as less as 1.3 GB. What then is the installer complaining about? Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? Will manually unzipping the contents of the downloader with Winzip and trying to install it make a difference? Or is anything wrong with the installer I am trying to use? Please advice. Any help you can give to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

There is not enough space on drive C:to extract this packages.

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iGuidance 2011 not enough space to install error


It seems that the system specifications for iNav iGuidance is hard to find and is not even available in its official website. But I learned that the program can still be opened even on Microsoft Windows Vista so that means Windows XP won’t have a problem. Regarding the hard drive’s available disk space where the installation wizard is reporting a not enough space error, it could be a quota implemented on the drive.

If there are different users who are using the computer, a disk quota can be set for each of the user. When a disk quota is set for a user, even if there is plenty of free space in the hard drive, the system will still deny the actual disk space and will alert the user of not enough space. You can check drive C if a quota is activated.

Open Windows Explorer, right-click on drive C and select Properties. Select Quota tab and you should see something like in the image below. See image.

In case a disk quota is not implemented, you should have a similar screen. But if a disk quota is implemented, you will not be able to deactivate it if you are not the administrator. The computer will only deny free space if you have exceeded your disk quota. Ask the administrator to increase the space of your quota so you can install iNav iGuidance.

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