Problem appears when trying to add a new code.

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I was trying to add a new code yesterday, then I have run the program and tested it out.

But when I reach the last record, I am getting this error message (see the image below).

Can you identify what the problem possibly could be?

I’m unable to troubleshoot it.


This method should only be called on ResultSet objects that are scrollable (type TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE).

Any advice and suggestions would be a great help to me.
Thanks in advance.
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Problem appears when trying to add a new code.


It would have been better if you could put the code to the program.

1. This seems to be instruction line in the program where the last element contains EOF means end of file statement or object.

2. This cannot be used for the instructions that you have provided.

3. Proper checking for the database reaching the end of file is required before making any call to the object after the last change of the database pointer.

4. The method EOF is found in most languages. But in Java it is rather simple that all are exceptions created that are thrown as messages.

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