Ideal Virtual Machine for a Particular Windows OS

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I need to install a virtual machine on my Windows OS. I am aware there are different types of virtual machines

to download and install on Linux or Windows OS. Which type of virtual machine is most suitable to install on

Windows operating system? Does the type of Windows operating system I am using affect the performance of

the virtual machine?

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Ideal Virtual Machine for a Particular Windows OS



There are many virtual machine softwares available. There are good ones with cost and free license. Here are some of them which are the best.

VirtualBox is said to be the best virtual machine. It is free, open-source and smooth enough. It’s also easy to operate by even a novice user.

VMware Player is also a free virtual machine software that offers free support for non-commercial usage. It’s good enough but a little bit complex.

There are also paid softwares like VMware Workstation, Parallels etc. They’re also good and powerful.

It's recommended to have high capacity of RAM and HDD because virtual OS created into the software will consume a lot of memory and disk space.

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Ideal Virtual Machine for a Particular Windows OS


I thought you are only referring to a single brand of virtual machine like VirtualBox. Installing a virtual machine on your computer will really depend on your hardware’s specifications because when you install a virtual machine, you will be adding another operating system on your computer which is different from the one it is originally running on.

Your original operating system is the main system that your computer will run on and the other operating systems running on virtual machine will only operate under a windowed environment. You can use VirtualBox from Oracle. The Windows version supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Visit VirtualBox Downloadable Binaries then download the Windows version on your computer.

With VMware, unfortunately, it is only limited to 64-bit Microsoft Windows and cannot be used on 32-bit versions and it supports Microsoft Windows and Linux only. To try VMware, visit VMware Player Downloads.

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