ICloud not recognizing my iPhone 4 Apple ID

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Hello! I am having problem with my iPhone4. iCloud could not recognize my Apple ID after upgrading to IOS 5.0. I am using it in downloading applications, what can I do? Kindly suggest if anybody knows.

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ICloud not recognizing my iPhone 4 Apple ID


You may encountered this issue, that the Apple ID is not being recognized only if you are in two different countries. After the update has been done in different country but the iPhone originates from different country, then you will encounter this Apple ID not being recognized.

Here's how to solve the problem, instructions listed below;

Go to Settings on the iPhone
Click on Store (App Store Settings)
Then go to Apple ID at the lower of the settings
Sign out
Then Log-in back
Choose the existing Apple ID
Log-in using your credentials
You may be alerted, purchased only in regional iTunes Store, click on OK button to proceed

After the update, you should be able to access your App and iTunes stores in the proper currency and state. 

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ICloud not recognizing my iPhone 4 Apple ID


Hello Benedict Baldwin,

I saw many people having this problem as they are complaining. It may be probably because of the new upgrading of your OS.

Try the steps below to see if it works.

  • You have to delete the previous iCloud account from your device. Remember it will only delete it from your device, but all data and your account will be still there in your original iCloud.
  •  To delete account, go to settings > iCoud, scroll down and touch "delete account". It will delete synced contacts and other data from your device only, but not from iCloud.
  • Now sign back in with an updated password and turn on your data syncing back on and choose Merge if it promotes.

Hope it helps!

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