IBM Lotus Notes – “File Automation -Embedding.nsf does not exist”

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Hi all

I use Lotus Notes like streamed applications as well as I have used a third party app and it sends e-mails using Lotus Notes via the object Notes.NotesSession.

Also,I have connected my third party app to Lotus Notes. However it cannot send mails, I find the error message in Lotus

Notes "File Automation -Embedding.nsf does not exist"

Moreover,I have a VBS Script, and it attempts to send an e-mail in the similar way via the object Notes.NotesSession.

When I try to run this script as of an app connected to Lotus Notes it is unsuccessful and if I try to run the script as of in the Lotus Notes packaged it runs.

COM does not look like to work fine between linked profiles.

What should I do now?

Please help.


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IBM Lotus Notes – “File Automation -Embedding.nsf does not exist”


Hello Clark,

You are getting that error because of the following possible reasons:

  • You have not configured the IBM Lotus Notes correctly. You will therefore need to check the Lotus Notes configurations, if something changed when you connected the third party applications to Lotus Notes you will need to correct that. You might as well just uninstall some of the third party files that may be causing the issue you have right now.
  • Check to see that your internet connection is working, because if Lotus Notes needs to transmit the emails online and you do not have an active connection to the internet, then you will not be able to use its services as required.

Hope this helps.



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