I want to use internet thru my phone

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I want to use internet through my phone from pc using USB.

What do i have to do before this happens?

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I want to use internet thru my phone


Hi Sean Karl,

This is possible by preparing to set up your phone to connect pc, you can use usb or connectors for this setup. First is to configure your internet connection, allow sharing connection > network connection > properties and make sure that you  completed the set up to allow other network users to connect through this computer especially on "internet connection".

Don't forget to close your internet connection during set-up.

Create new connection if it is wired or wireless to your computer then activate the new devices to connect your PC.

Lastly don't forget the 5 digit code password.

Most of the Telco. providers have plug and play device available especially if it's postpaid, where you can access the internet on phone or your PC/Laptop automatically.

No set-up hassle and user friendly.  



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I want to use internet thru my phone


Accessing the internet using the mobile phone is very common nowadays unlike the early days. But configuring your handset to access the internet varies depending on your handset model and network. And to extend it further, you can also use your mobile handset as a modem for your computer.

But remember that using your handset as your computer’s modem will consume more battery than usual. So while using your Smartphone or handset as a modem make sure that it is connected to a charger to have a steady power source for the device. And you will also notice that the handset will become hot as you use it as a modem.

This is normal. Before you can use it as a modem, you need to acquire the APN or the Access Point Number from your cellular network. Different networks provide different APNs. Examples of Access Point Numbers are:

  • http.globe.com.ph – Globe Telecom
  • SMARTBRO – Smart
  • internet – Smart
  • minternet – Sun Cellular
  • fixed – Sun Cellular
  • fbband – Sun Cellular
  • mbband – Sun Cellular

You should also check your phone’s manual for properly using it as a modem to a computer.

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