What’s the remedy to fix the phone with broken screen?

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I have been using several  touch screen gadgets.  I have the  worry  that  this device will not last longer  due to  its  sensitivity.  I usually placed  it in a safe place  when I sleep at night.  Is there any other alternative device  that has built  in keys   if  the surface breaks? What is the remedy to fix the sensitive phone when the screen is broken?

I hope to hear  from you. Thank you.

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What’s the remedy to fix the phone with broken screen?


Hi Maurice,
The steps to fix the broken screen of the sensitive touch screen are as follows:
1) Take a screw driver and open the back body of the phone
2) Remove the cover, battery, sim card from the device
3) Remove the screws below the battery with the screw driver
4) Remove the camera protective back cover and the screws present below it
5) Push the main device out of the metal chassis screen first
6) Manually separate the display elements and the motherboard of the device
7) Use any low power heat device to separate the motherboard and the display elements as they are fixed using adhesive material
8) Gently remove the damaged screen and place an new screen on the top surface of the phone
9) Assemble all the components of the phone again in proper order
10) Press the power button and the new display screen will work again

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