I Want To Learn Drawing Floor Plans In Excel.

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I am working on making a floor plan for my small scale cafe. I do not want to invest in any advanced software. I am going to work on Excel. I want to learn drawing floor plans in Excel, can anyone tell me about the basics.

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I Want To Learn Drawing Floor Plans In Excel.


First thing that according to me should be done in order to make a floor plan is measure the actual maximum floor length.

You can do it using a simple measuring tape. Note down the maximum length and breadth.

Scale this down in such a way that it fits on your viewable part of your Excel page. Convert all measurements to this.

A good practice is to use units of 1. For example, 1cm=1m. If your area is bigger, then you may use 1cm=2m or 3m, and so on. Then, create a rectangle of the scaled down versions of the total measurements. To do this, just select an appropriate number of cells in Excel. For example, if your area is 28*15 cm (scaled down), select 28*15 cells.

Now you have your maximum area selected. You can change the colour of the cells to make them easier to make out.

Now, plan your shop within this area, using different colour for different things.

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