I want to know about Issue tracking template wss.

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Hello Techyv users,

I want to know about issue tracking template wss. What is Issue tracking. What are use of templates and how the templates are created to for issue tracking. What is wss in relations to issue tracking. Please provide me details with links and download so that I can have a good knowledge of it.

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I want to know about Issue tracking template wss.


Hi Cook,

Well, Issue-tracking templates provide an easy way to post bug reports to such issue-tracking systems as Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Mozilla Foundation Bugzilla or AQdevTeam.

An Issue-tracking template may be specified with these things:

  • Specify the template name and description.
  • Specify parameters needed to connect to the desired issue-tracking system
  • Specify whether you will use the template to create or to modify an item.
  • If the template will be used to modify an item, you should specify the item identifier. More about Issue-tracking template and the Download link also.

Hope you like it. Thanks

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I want to know about Issue tracking template wss.


Hello Nicholas Cook,

Issue tracking is a software that is use for finding the issues in your computer of any specific thing required by you or your organization. Templates are the created thing that you only have to edit them to get your required task. You can have template for any thing. In template you can also use the tracking software to find out the mistakes in your template.

If you want to get rids of the errors and want to remove bugs and other things of this type then you have to use the issue tracker to done the work for you instead of rechecking the solution manually.And it can help you in fixing those errors.


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