I want to know about hdv sony application for window 7.

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I want to know about hdv Sony application for window 7.

What is this htv Sony application which is compatible with windows 7 operating system? I have to get some information regarding this matter for some personal reasons and I know you can help me.

Regards, Anthony Wendy.

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I want to know about hdv sony application for window 7.

Hi Anthony,
The PMB(Picture Motion Browser) version 3.2.00 by Sony which has later been updated to lhe newer version PlayMemories Home in 2012, is the hdv application by Sony, which is compatible with both 64 bit and 32 bit Windows 7 OS. It gives an easy interface to manage your photos and videos on your sony hdv devices and gives a convenient bit of options to edit your videos and images. It also has some specific features such as,
Calendar View:
This feature helps you automatically organize photos and videos on a calendar arranged by shooting date. It makes it easy to manage your photos and videos for easy viewing. Several features streamline the process of finding and viewing images.
3D Ready:
It helps in cut-editing of your 3D videos in a simple and convenient way. Whereas 3D videos can be uploaded to YouTube which can be viewed in both 2D and 3D display.
Combining Video Clips:
It lets you combine several video clips to one single video file. It also supports videos in progressive formats.
PlayMemories Home also has other convenient features such as, importing images to your computer to create discs, saving 60p/3D videos to blu ray discs, cut-editing of videos, the ability to capture photos directly from the videos and it allows to turn photos and videos into photomaps with GPS-compatible Sony cameras.
Also If you are looking for an alternative there is the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 developed by Adobe Systems. It has a convenient UI and provides the user with advance editing and recording options. Though it is a 64 bit application and will not run on a 32 bit OS. It is a prominent timeline based video editing software which is a good choice for your hdv Sony devices if you have a 64 bit OS. It also is used professionally and has been used to make several feature films. So if you are more interested in a professional application, Adobe Premiere Pro would be a good option.
Hope this helps
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I want to know about hdv sony application for window 7.


Hi Anthony Wendy!

You can transfer the movie files on your HVR-DR60 or CF card to your Windows-based PC with ease.

You can connect M2T files, that were divided by FAT32, back to gather* and it will rename HVR-dr60 files to the same

Style as those from a CF card during transfer.

You can import files directly from the HVR-DR60 to your PC's hard drive in NLEs, such as Sony Vegas 7 and GrassValley EDIUS pro4.5.

The merged file can not be output if the destination folder is not on an NTFS-formatted hard drive.

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I want to know about hdv sony application for window 7.


Hi Anthony Wendy,

The application/software that you need to install on your windows 7 is on this link: http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/ext/hdv/z7u_s270u_m35u/HVR-Z7U/unit_software.html On the "Software Download" tab, just click on the button: "Windows based editing software user."

You will then automatically proceed to downloading and installing the software that is compatible with windows 7 since the minimum requirement of the OS should be one of the of: Windows® XP SP2 or later, Windows® Vista.

You can also check on the link given above all the other instructions such as how to install and use the software.

I hoped this helped you.

Regards, Madel

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