I want free rpg offline games of 2010.

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Hi Experts,

I am a great fan of video games. I am sick of online games. Now I am looking for rpg offline 2010 games. Can anyone provide me best rpg offline games of 2010?


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I want free rpg offline games of 2010.


Here are some of the best offline RPG games that you can play on your PC:

  • GTA – short for Grand Theft Auto. This video game has a lot of fans all over the world mostly because you can do a lot of things here that you cannot normally do in real life (like stealing cars and violent acts). In this game, you are bound to do a mission in order to progress in the story.
Grand Theft Auto
  • Deus Ex – in this game you will play as the United Nation’s Anti-Terrorist coalition rookie agent JC Denton, whose mission is to defeat terrorists and in his journey, he will encounter characters from famous gangs all over the world such as the Illuminati and Hong Kong Triads.
United Nations Anti-Terrorist coalition rookie agent JC Denton
  • Borderlands – this one is a good game I’ve tried. You have an option to select from four characters that have different abilities. Your mission is to lead your group (non-players) to do some bounty works and for every success, your reward may vary from money, skill points and experience points in which you can distribute to your fellow hunters.
Borderlands Game

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