Is there a sharp sound producing app for Android?

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I really need an application which can produce a very sharp sound. I have many things to do with the sound but for now, I want only the source of sound. I'm looking for such an application which can produce very shrill sound as a ringtone. Is there any solution for me?

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Is there a sharp sound producing app for Android?


“Ringtone Maker” by BIG BANG Inc. is the best app to increase ringtone volume on Android.

This app doesn’t edit the pre-installed ringtones, but it edits music files that are stored in memory cards which can be used for ringtones, alarm sound, and notification sound.

Here the steps to do it

1. From Android Market install Ringtone Maker.

2. It automatically displays all the music files that can be used as a ringtone when opened.

3. To listen, tap on the music file.

4. To edit or to make it louder, tap on the green double arrows next to the file. A drop down menu appears.


5. Tap on Edit. Here you can and select the part of music you want to set as a ringtone.

6. To know the beginning and ending of a ringtone, touch and drag the prefix and suffix markers.


7. To edit the volume, tap the speaker button at the bottom right of the screen. Fade In is the number of seconds before it reaches its maximum volume. Fade out is its opposite. After making the adjustments select OK.


8. By pressing play button you could listen to the result. If you are not satisfied with the results you could reset it by going to the Menu and selecting Reset.

9. Then select save.

10. It will then provide you with options as to how you want to set this ringtone. For example, as an alarm, a ringtone, notification or music.

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