How to set up drop down in Microsoft excel?

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Drop down menu is so important in excel data entry, but how can you set up drop down in Microsoft excel?

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How to set up drop down in Microsoft excel?


Hey Jonathan!

Yes i agree with you that drop down list is very important, one must know how to set drop down in MS Excel.

You can set the drop down list by following these steps:

1. First of all I recommend you to the new sheet, (Not on which you want to set drop down list). On existing Excel file you can see Sheet1, Shee2, Shee3 on the left bottom of the Excel file, Select Sheet2.

2. To make a drop down list on the sheet 2, first make a list of all the items you want in the list.

3. Once the list is complete, now name the list of the highlighted items.

4. Now click on NAME BOX that is above the column A.

5. Enter the name for the list for example "Fruits".

6. Now go back to actual sheet where you want drop list to be appear. For example Sheet1

7. On the top toolbar click on the DATA tab>Data validation. There would be a small drop down arrow on Data Validation icon, Click on the small arrow and select Data Validation.

8. Now a new box will be open. Select the Setting tab.

9. On setting tab select the List by clicking the drop down arrow under Allow section,

10. It will show additional options, you have to make sure that both Ignore and In-Cell boxes are checked

11. Enter a source in Source box, followed by (=) sign and the name of list you create above. For example =Fruits.

12. You are just about to done. Click Ok and you will then see a drop down list, click on small arrow to see your items in list.


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How to set up drop down in Microsoft excel?



A drop down list can be used in excel in order to make works easier.

 Therefore to create a drop down list in a cell initially you should have a list which is going to use in drop down list.

  • First, select the cell or rang of cells that you want to create a drop down list.
  • Then click on the data menu and click on the data validation in the data tools section.
  • Then a dialog box will be appeared. Select the settings menu and select “list” in the allow box.
  • Then in the source area click on the red arrow and select the list which is going to use as drop down list.
  • Then click ok (Before click “ok” make sure that the in –cell drop down check box is ticked).

Then when you click on each cell the drop down list will appear as follows.

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