I receive “stop working” error messages

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Sometimes when I close my security software window after completing a scan I receive “stop working” error messages. My security software seems to scan correctly and error messages do not arise during the actual scans.

When I updating Ad-adware I receive the same type of messages.

I click the Update button to confirm that the Auto Update has occurred and towards the end of the update session I receive an error. This has happened the last two times I updated Ad-adware.

These errors do not occur each time I use my software, only occasionally. Does anyone know why I am getting these errors?

How I can fix these errors and stop them from happening? 

Thank you for your help, it’s much appreciated.

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I receive “stop working” error messages


Hallo Sleigh,

You are getting that error most probably because there could have been an issue when you updated the security software. The update may not have finished successfully leaving the software with the bugs that are causing the error that you are getting right now.

To resolve it, you will need to do the following:

  • Try performing the software update again. This time round ensure that you have active and stable internet connection to prevent any problems that might have occurred in the past update.
  • If the update does not work, you will need to uninstall the software and then reinstall it to fix the bug that is causing the error that you are getting.

Hope this helps.



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I receive “stop working” error messages


There is a problem in your security software and you should try to uninstall it and after uninstalling the software install it again for future use. To make it simple re-install the program.

There could be problems arising along your security software one factor is there are corrupt files and registry problems.  Another solution for this is to download another security software or antivirus program in your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials is for free and it is best to defend your computer from spyware and virus attacks. Avast is also a good anti-virus, you can download in the internet for free.  

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