I receive error messages from certain workbooks

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Hello, I receive the following error messages from certain workbooks:

Error- 2147319765: Automation error.

ASAP Utilities-on current worksheet, delete all objects.

Sorry for this tool, your sheet cannot be used somehow.

The screen shot is:

ASAP Utilities – Delete all objects on current worksheet

Sorry, your sheet somehow cannot be used for this tool.

This might be due to macros with errors in your file. You can try it again by re-opening your workbook without

enabling the macros in it.

Another reason might be a bug in Excel. In that case you could try to copy all the information from your current

worksheet to a fresh new worksheet and run the utility again.

A solution might also be to put your worksheet in Visual Basic/Developers 'design mode' and then run the utility again.


This error in the file may be occurred due to macro and without enabling macros it can be tried by reopening the wordbook. Again this might be happened due to a bug in excel. In this case, you can copy the data from your current worksheet and paste those into another fresh worksheet and run the utility again.

There is also another solution resolving this issue, you may put your data of worksheet in Visual Basic/Developers ‘Design mode’ and run the utility.

Help me please.

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I receive error messages from certain workbooks



Says here that the problem is caused by a bug in the Office installation, but not a problem with the add-ons, so do not bother reinstalling them. Another cause for this problem is also, uninstalling the Trial Office 2007 version, a missing service pack from Office or simply Windows running a patch office does not need. Continue on this site, it will help you resolve this problem that you have: http://www.add-ins.com/how_to_repair_office.htm .

if you need help in the future, feel free to contact me, 

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I receive error messages from certain workbooks


According, to the description of the issue you are describing; it leads to a solution of reinstalling ASAP utility which should be corrupt due to removal of an system dependency file. You are download ASAP utility at the following website:


There is code on the website which needs to be run on your visual basic editor, if you have one installed.  Above link is a solution to the issue. The solution is by ASAP utility website. There are several links below list which addresses the issue.  This issue is following:

Excel doesn't record the actions you do with add-ins, such as ASAP Utilities when you use the macro recorder. However you can use the following code to start some of the tools in ASAP Utilities. The code is on the website listed above.

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