I need Classic ASP Report Samples

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Good Day Friends!

I need help from anyone who knows Classic ASP 3.0. I am looking for any Classic ASP report samples. I am new to Classic ASP and I do not know how to create and generate reports from it. If you are an advanced user and you have existing reports, then please share us your expertise and knowledge. I need basic samples of report which I can use as a basis of my own reports. If you can recommend simple tutorials and demo videos for beginners, it will be a great help.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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I need Classic ASP Report Samples


Hello Alicekdailey,

First of all, I would like to appreciate your effort to start learning. As far as the problem of creating and generating report goes, you could find a text file attached to this comment which contains a very easy – to – understand example of sample code to create and generate reports with Classic ASP.

There are a lot of tutorials and videos available online to learn ASP. You can always choose the one that suits your way of learning, but I strongly recommend you to refer to this one.

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I need Classic ASP Report Samples




ASP is a great tool to use when making dynamic webpages. Tutorials for beginners are online, most notably on w3schools, where you learn topic by topic to advanced levels as well as quiz tests (I found this particularly helpful). Other sites will also have readily downloadable files for specific needs. YouTube has videos, if necessary.


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I need Classic ASP Report Samples


Since you are new to classic ASP 3.0, tutorials and videos are a great way to start the learning process. They're several such tutorials online but I strongly suggest w3schools for it is user friendly and it includes quiz tests and has a step by step tutorial to advanced levels. It's also easily downloadable.

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I need Classic ASP Report Samples


Hi Alicekdailey,

I will advise you to just learn the basic of ASP and have a ground knowledge that will eventually safe you from future headache and frustration working with the tools.As you already know that Classic ASP 3.0 is awesome tool for creating an interactive Web pages. It is important to let you know that there is only little difference between the ASPs 1.0 to 3.0.However, if you can have a thorough knowledge of general ASP with your computer system.

There are basic steps to start working with ASP and to be able to generate  any forms of report with it.

1. A fair knowledge of HTML/XHTML; a scripting language – JavaScript or VBScript. You can skip this aspect if you already known them.

2.Learn the basic command and syntax

E.g. <% response.write ("Hello World") %>

3.Download and Install the IIS or PWS or other free web server components.https://www.iis.net/downloads

4.Read the tutorial for beginners at the following site.

Best of Luck.

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