I need best JavaScript audio library for Video Games development

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Hi programmers,

I am developing games using Java. I need some sounds and voices for it. I am looking for best audio library java . Please help me out to find the best library. Or you have used some Audio library for such type of purpose, then Please share it with me. It would me a great pleasure for me.

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I need best JavaScript audio library for Video Games development


Hello Hodge,



I believe OpenAL is good for your work. OpenAL is a wrapper library that allows developers to access OpenAL. Also OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio API for use with gaming applications and it can be used to many other audio applications. Java OpenAL simply calls as JOAL was developed with GlueGen, a utility that creates Java bindings with the help of C headers. This supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. OpenAL had been used to develop games like Unreal Games, Stalker, Quake 4 and etc.

Here is a tutorial for JOAL for further understanding.

JAOL Tutorial

                              Includes how to read binary files especially in a wave file, and the basics of OpenAL.

                              This Video includes integrating three-dimensional sound in your game using OpenAL in the LWJGL.This is a Java library that lets you to develop games using OpenGL.

And using the following link you can download OpenAL.

Download OpenAL

Thank you.

Rubi Sharlene

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