I necessarily need to put no’s into a txt file

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I necessary to put no's into a txt file.

I get a lot of schoolbook files from a software that  needs to be  numbed.

I necessary a book that can insert no's in from of each articulate in every communication.

Can anyone provide me with a playscript to do it.

Rather a batch playscript

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I necessarily need to put no’s into a txt file


Here I am submitting you the solution and I am sure that it will help you because I have tried it myself.

Follow these steps to do so:-

Here is the script that can insert no’s into a Notepad file.

Create a bat file and name it as you wish or as shown below

Data marked in red is the place you need to change.

Insert this code in the bat file you created

Code starts here

@echo off


set counter=1

for /F "tokens=*" %%G in (c:Oldfile.txt)do call :_process "%%G"

goto :_end


echo %counter%. %~1> c:Newfile.txt

set /A counter+=1

goto :eof



Code end’s Here

Then create a txt file with the name “oldfile.txt” with the desired content in the file for which you want to place no’s.

And then double click on the “bat” file.

It will create a file named “Newfile.txt”

Inside which now the data will look like this

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