I’m getting an IP conflict error with my network,

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I’m getting an IP conflict error with my network, and I hope someone can explain to me why I have this problem and how to fix it. I have set up my network by having two virtual machines with separate network card for each of them.

Every time I turn them on, I get an IP conflict problem with one of the machines. I’m also using a 10.X series to connect these machines to the network and I designated a 192.x series address to the two machines.

How do I resolve this issue?

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I’m getting an IP conflict error with my network,


Hi friend,

An IP conflict error only happens when there is the same IP address assigned to another computer. To be specific if the IP address or local IP address you assigned in computer 1 is then you should assigned the computer 2 with There are steps to solve this problem.

1. Check your all computer IP addresses by following these procedure.

a. Go to start menu then you will see a text field then type run then enter.

b. Another text field appear, type cmd then enter.

c. A command prompt appears/black screen.

d. On the c: prompt type ipconfig/all then enter. You will see your local IP address.

2. After you check your computer then if you found out that there is a computer with the same local IP address, you can follow these steps.

a. Go to start menu, click control panel then enter, you will see the network and internet application then click on “view network status and task”.

b. You will see your local area connection then right click, choose properties. Then under this application you can see and change your local IP address. After you change it, there will no longer be an IP conflict.

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