Does USB Wifi Adapter Show its Impact On Speed

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I have heard many of my friends telling that a USB Wifi Adapter can speed up the internet connect. However, I'm not sure that it really does. I guess that my friends my trying to cheat me. 
I would like you to tell me whether a USB Wifi Adapter increases the speed of connection or not. Are there any LOGIC to support your answer?
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Does USB Wifi Adapter Show its Impact On Speed


Hello Tyrone!

To avoid prejudices and biases I replicated your situation or even exceeded the process.

Here’s what I did. I checked the speed of my internal PCI wireless, used speed test. I checked also USB wireless adapter. Did the same speed test for it. I found out that PCI wireless adapter is much faster than USB Wi-Fi adapter. Did it vice versa. Still most of the time PCI Wi-Fi has greater speed. In logical explanation, PCI wireless is the best and fastest connector. I tested also wired connection. The fastest is Wi-Fi PCI.

I believe the question here is which one will work best for you and if your Wi-Fi connectors are properly configured. Clearing your temporary files will make your browsing, uploading and downloading faster. Removing some processes or programs in your Startup will give you more speed in browsing and accessing software or program in your computer. Updating the driver and software for your Wi-Fi adapter will give your more effective browsing because it will fix and fill the gaps. Adding antenna will boost also the speed of your connection.

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