I have some issues with getting out of standby

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I have a Samsung 730BF and it constantly hangs when it comes out of stand by. I can see the OS has started working again, but the display is still black for 2-3 minutes after i first move the mouse.

What should i do with it?

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I have some issues with getting out of standby



I think there is an issue with the video driver because normally Standby issues are related to the display drivers. First solution is to update or reinstall the display drivers.

This issue also has a relation with the hard disks. When you get back from standby with Hard disks turned off there is a possibility to take some time to get back on track.

In windows 7 the option to turn off the hard disk is set to 20 minutes by default. In order to change this setting navigates to Start -> Control panel ->System and security ->Power Options. Select”Change plan” and on the “Balanced” option click ‘Advanced power options’ and go to “Turn off Hard disks after” option and modify that timing to 0 (which is never) and click Apply and Ok.

In windows XP go to power options in control panel and disable or select ‘Never’ in “Turn off Hard disk” option in the ‘Power Scheme’ tab. There is an option in some BIOS setups as ‘Fast Boot’ and by enabling that it also reduce the time to log on to windows.

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