I have problem loading images

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Good day!

Please help me with this…

For a while, my windows 7 64 bit would open my images can no longer open in Documents on my computer. I use windows 7 64 bit.

They show as distorted bizarre designs. On PSP ProX2 they show very well.

Since I include images to article bulletin that I send out, this has impeded my work.

Who has a idea on how I can have this fixed?


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I have problem loading images


Does the problem happen to all the images you have store in your Documents folder? Is this a custom documents folder, a folder that you created yourself or is it the one that's in the Windows itself? If it's just one or a few images and you are still able to open all other images that are store in the computer, it's very likely that the images that have problems have all been corrupted. If this happens to all the images in your computer, regardless of where it is saved, then it's likely that it's now associated with another image viewing program that's unable to properly display the image. Go to the Control Panel, then Programs, then Default Programs then to Set Associations. Look for the file extension of your images and set the associated program correctly.

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