Magnetic Tattoos that alerts someone of incoming calls

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Recently, Nokia company finally found a solution for wasted incoming calls.

The company filed a patent for trendy and stylish "magic tattoo" that would establish a constant communication between families, friends and business.

This magic tattoo is capable of receiving  magnetic signal and send stimulus to the skin and vibrates the small iron tattoo when there is an incoming call. Some of the benefits were to alert the smartphone user while they are in a noisy environment, or if the phone is in silent  while in a very quiet place or conferences, and one can apply it in any part of his body.

Regarding it's durability if it will already be in the market,how long will it stay in the skin, and do bodily chemicals have a chance to react with the magnetic field and affect it's function?

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Magnetic Tattoos that alerts someone of incoming calls



Hi, Merz! Your queries about this magnetic tattoo caught my attention and immediately do some research about this. In the articles that I have read, it says that the tattoo can stay permanent if you want it to. However, if you wish not to have it permanently (because of the attention that you would be making at department stores or at the airport), Nokia has alternative methods like for example using magnetic spray, by using a stamp or even using wrist band. Regarding the potential health risks for having this tattoo, the company has not mentioned something about it yet.

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