Writing C Program in Cygwin

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My name is B.Lie and I am a student. I am a bit confused and mixing the concepts this question. Is it possible that, I have downloaded and installed it, but it is simply giving me command prompt like interface where I can run my commands. But I don't know where to write my c program in Cygwin?

Tell me that Turn around time of a process = waiting time of a process + process CPU bursts Is it right? So please help me in to solve this question. I shall be very thankful to you.

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Writing C Program in Cygwin


Hi friend,

How are you. Hope you will be fine. My name is M.Smith and doing job in Private Organization. In first part of your question is that you can not compile them using Turbo C or Borland C because they need support of Linux environment. The system calls that you have studied in this course is supported by Linux Kernel. But using Cygwin, you can be able to compile these C programs even in Windows. For the detail of Cygwin, consult the yesterday's announcement on Announcement Page.

Dear the answer of send part of your question is that the Wait and signal are actually used to implement synchronization through semaphores. I will recommend you to first hear the lecture related to semaphore then you will be in a good position to understand the concept of wait and signal operations.

If you have anymore question then contact with me.

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