I Do not browse blogspot website by my pc.

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Now I am using WiMax connection and my browser Mozilla.

Some days ago I browse a Blogspot website like

www.exampule.blogspot.com. I try another Blogspot website.

But same error occurred.

What is the problem?

What can I do?

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I Do not browse blogspot website by my pc.


Hi Ovia48,

If I understand you correctly, your having problems browsing to a specific Blogspot site using your Mozilla firefox.  Well this could be a browser issue or a site issue.

Here is what you need to do first:

1. Clear the cache and cookies of your Mozilla. (This depends on what version you have). I provided a picture for you below.  I have Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1.  This is what you should see if you have this version.  Firefox or Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear all current history link >Time range to clear: Everything > Put a check mark on all options > Click Clear Now button.

2. After clearing the Cache and Cookies. Close your Mozilla and the open it back. Try browsing the site again. Also browse other websites besides the one that you are having a problem with, browse facebook, yahoo, etc.  If you are only having a problem with 1 site then it is not your connection or your browser that is causing this but the site itself, either there is a maintenance or the site is down.

3. Another way to check is try using a DIFFERENT BROWSER; like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. This way we can determine if its a problem with your browser, probably your browser is using a proxy server. Tools > Advanced > You'll see General, Network, Update and Encryption. Click Network > Click Settings button to open Connection Settings window>> Choose No Proxy > Click OK > Restart Browser and then Try to browse again different sites.

When browsing and you are only having a problem with one site, then its a problem with that site.

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I Do not browse blogspot website by my pc.



I am also using WiMax connection and My browser is Mozilla too. But I have not this problem like you. Don't worry; you can simply solve your problem. You need to download the update version of Mozilla and then install on to your computer. After doing this, you must restart your computer once.

Now double click the icon of your browser and put the appropriate URL of Blogger website at the address bar. You will see that your problem has been solved.

If you find problem also then reinstall the operating system on to your PC. Hope this will be very helpful.

Good luck!



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