I did not backup any user files

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I bought five identical brand new laptops and decided to mirror them all. I got the first unit, reformatted the hard drive. I then installed Windows 7 Professional using a Windows 7 CD and then all the other applications I need.

At this point I was ready for cloning; so I made a backup image from and then ran the other laptops which were set to restore from the CD upon booting up. This worked great except now every time I boot one of the laptops that I cloned, I get a message asking me if I want to restore my user files (see attached screen shot).

The problem is that I did not backup any user files since there were none and so I don't need to restore any. However, after clicking the cancel button, the next time I boot up, the message comes back. I'm sure that there is a Registry entry somewhere that triggers this but I can't find it.

How do I stop this message from appearing?

Recovery of files


Recovery has completed. Do you want to restore your user files?

If you created a user file backup before recovering your computer, you can restore those files now.



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I did not backup any user files


Hi Good day,

If you’re always experiencing this kind of problem you need to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot. You just experiencing you’re just experiencing program conflict in your Windows OS.

How to clean boot:

1. You need to be an administrator to do this.

2. Head to Start, then go to run or in the Search box type msconfig.exe then enter.

3. On the general tab just follow the step 1 -3. Normally the Normal Startup is selected in default.

Systwm Configuration

Then go to Services tab, follow the steps 1-3

Hide all Microsoft Service

Click Ok and restart your computer. Just troubleshoot what are the conflicts during startup.

I hope this helps.


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