I cannot use AuditionCS5. 5 to play or record

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Hi All,

I have a problem with CS5.5. When I record from Audition after making a new file, I get an error that says the sample rates of audio input and output devices do no match and that audio cannot be recorded unless this is corrected. I was able to open an existing MP3 file and play it without any issues. This problem is only with trying to open a new File. I am using a windows 7 pc and my Audio hardware setup is as follows: Device Class: MME, Default Input: Microphone, Default Output: Speakers, Master Clock: In: Microphone, Latency: 200ms and Sample Rate: 44100 Hz. What is causing the error? Please guide me to fix this issue. Thanks for your valuable help.

The sample rates of the audio input and output devices do not match. Audio

cannot be recorded until is corrected.

Use the appropriate operating system or audio device control panel to adjust the

sample rates of the input and output devices to use the same settings.

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I cannot use AuditionCS5. 5 to play or record


I think you did not configure the audio inputs and outputs of Adobe Audition. And remember also that there are features in the Windows version of Adobe Audition 3 that are not available when you are using Adobe CS5.5. So, if you are using Adobe Audition 3.0 and you encounter a problem in Adobe CS5.5, you need to visit Adobe Audition Features Replaced for the complete list of features that were replaced and no longer implemented in Adobe Audition CS5.5.

Before you start the recording, you should configure first. Go to Edit, Preferences, Audio Hardware. In Device Class, select the driver you want to use on your sound card and then select a Default Input and Output in the card. In Master Clock, pick the input or output where you want your other digital audio hardware to synchronize. This guarantees precise alignment of samples.

In I/O Buffer Size, specify the lowest possible setting without audio dropouts. The perfect setting for this depends on the speed of your computer or system so you need to do some experimentation to test possible audio dropouts so you can adjust. After that, select a Sample Rate for your sound card. To better understand how to properly select a good sample rate, visit Understanding Sample Rate.

After configuring your audio inputs, either create a new file or load an existing audio file where you can overwrite it then just place the current-time indicator on the spot where you want to begin the recording. Finally, click Record found at the bottom of the Editor panel to begin the recording. The Record button is used to start and stop the recording.

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