I cannot install Windows XP in my pc

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I use windows XP in my pc. Some days ago i installed a game name commandos 1.

After that my pc restart twice.

Then there was no more problem. I played the game well for 3 hours.

After that my pc started to restart spontaneously.

I tried to reinstall windows XP but i failed to install a new copy.

Now my pc restarts spontaneously when i switch on.

What can i do now?

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I cannot install Windows XP in my pc



Check your motherboard for loose components that might be causing the spontaneous restarts. Open your CPU and check every component for any loose connections. If you are using a separate video card installed in one of the available slots, not the built-in type, check if it is securely connected to the slot. Check the RAM memory card if it is properly locked on its slot. 
Check the processor’s cooling fan if it spins freely and notice the way it spins if it does not show any sign of slowness. Check the fan’s supply cable if it is attached properly. Check if the CD/DVD-ROM drive’s supply cable and ribbon cable is securely attached at the back including its audio cable attached to the sound card.
Check the sound card if it is securely attached on its slot. Check the hard drive’s supply cable and ribbon cable if they are properly attached. Check its jumper setting at the back if it has the right setting. Check your network card if it is securely attached.
If all components seem to be tightly connected, try restarting your computer again. If it’s the same and keep on restarting again and again, remove all its internal components including the processor and then turn on your computer. You should hear series of beeps. It means the board is ok and it can still detect all the missing parts. Attach the removed parts one at a time. 
Turn on the computer every time a component is attached until all of its components are back in place. By doing this you should know which component is causing the problem.
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I cannot install Windows XP in my pc


You have three possible problems here:

First, the Bios Setup is not configured well to start reinstalling your operating system.

Solution: fix the setup, load the optimized defaults.

Second, your windows copy is not in good shape anymore that's why there will be errors on copying installation files.

Solution: buy a new CD of windows operating system.

Third, your hard disk might contain bad sectors that would not allow you to install your operating system anymore.

Solution: buy a new hard disk from a store or bring your hard disk to a repair shop and see if they can do something about it.

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