I cannot install NIS 2010

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Hello, I am with my NIS2010 to resume after a system problem. NIS2010 shows an error called, “need to fix.” When I press the repair button it says, “sonar problem, cannot be repaired.” The result from Forum search reveals a proposal to re-install to fix the problem. I can clean up my computer using the Norton Removal tool and reinstall the software but the original CD of mine contains a very old version. Does this have any link to the problem?  Can I use it to obtain and install the NIS2010? Will it work with my license key latest version?

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I cannot install NIS 2010



You have problems in installation of Norton internet security.  You told that your CD contains old version of Norton internet security. Yes it may have link with the problem. First uninstall the Norton Internet security from your computer. Then delete all the directory files of Norton internet security from program files. You also can remove Norton Internet security by using Norton remover.

You asked that, will old license key work with latest version of Norton Internet security?

Yes it will work.

You don’t need the CD to install the latest version of Norton Internet security. First download the latest version from internet.

Then install Norton Internet security. You can use your old but valid license key now. You must maintain some condition which are follows:

01.   Be sure that the boxed version of Norton internet security is using for the same computers which are currently protected.

02.   Do not enter the new key until 1-2 days before your subscription expires.

I hope your problem will be solved

Thank you.

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