I cannot hear sound in Skype.

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Hello experts.

I have a Skype software and account. When I want to talk to others i can not hear what the problem. Can anyone solve it?

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I cannot hear sound in Skype.



There are many factors why you cannot hear a sound or the other person's saying during your conversation through Skype. The first thing you should do is to check your speakers if connected properly on the computer and it is on the proper condition.

If it is fine, check whether the sound is mute or not. Also check the call settings if there are no issues and problems. Further, have a test call. If you can have it, then Skype is working properly. Take a look also on the Skype version you are using as well as the Skype used by the person you are talking with.



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I cannot hear sound in Skype.


Dear at first you go to the call option in your Skype messenger and then got audio settings,there you find a option speaker,choose Headphone or others and save ,see your problem will be solved.

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I cannot hear sound in Skype.


Hello Michele R,

If the problem is with you, Try to check the settings of your Skype:

1. Go to Tools, then options.

2. Click the audio settings.

3. See Speakers. Check if your Speakers or Headphone is detected. If its detected, There is a Play icon besides the drop-down. Click that and hopefully you'll hear the ringtone.

4. Click Save.

If not, try unplugging your device then plug it again and restart your computer. If this one didn't work. Your device must be the problem. Try to buy new one.

Hope this would work.

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I cannot hear sound in Skype.



1. To solve your problem, first go to Tools and click Options in Skype. Click the Audio settings tab and check if the microphone and speaker are working.
2. To check if the microphone is working, speak into it. If you see any green activity in the bar under microphone options, you’re microphone is working fine. If the green bar doesn’t move, select another microphone device from the dropdown menu.
3. To test the speakers, click the play button. If you hear any sound from your speakers, there should be no problems.
But if you don’t, select a different device from the dropdown menu and keep trying until you hear sounds from your speakers.
I hope I could help.
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I cannot hear sound in Skype.


Hi! Michele R,

There's a lot of reason why you don't hear the person you are calling. It is either the headset settings, headset problem, or the connection. Skype is providing the support on that matter. You can send them a mail or just click the link below to know a lot of tips and ways on solving your problem. 

SKYPE Support: Sound settings

Hope that It would help you a lot. 

Thanks and more powers.

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I cannot hear sound in Skype.


Dear Michel

If you can’t hear sounds on Skype then it is either a problem with your computer or Skype itself

First of all check that your microphone and speakers are plugged correctly into your computer.

To make sure your computer settings are ok, go to control panel then sounds then adjust system volume and make sure nothing is muted.

To make sure Skype settings are ok, go to the Skype window click on tools then options then sounds, you must make sure that you see enable all sounds not mute all sounds, then go to audio settings and make sure your microphone and your speakers appears and that the volume pointer is in not muted then click on save and close this window

Now to make sure everything is ok try the echo/sound test service on Skype, if your settings are ok, then you should be able to hear your own voice and the sound test service voice.

If you can’t hear anything, then your microphone might not be working properly, remove it and try the sound test service using your computer speakers and microphone.

Please let me know if this solves your problem

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I cannot hear sound in Skype.

Hi Michele,
Try to check if your speakers are connected and turned on. You can also check on the menu bar, click Tools>Options>Audio Settings. Press ►. If you can hear a sound it means your speaker is working correctly.
Check you're not on mute, and turn up any volume control knobs on your speakers.
Make sure that your call settings are correctly set up. Check your call quality settings and ensure that no issues are identified in the Computer and Connection tabs. 
I hope this can help you.
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I cannot hear sound in Skype.


Such kind of issues are due to many reasons/factors like malfunctioning of speakers and headphones, mis-configuration of hardware and software so you may have to check your Speakers or headphone, whether it is configured properly or not, whether it is working on other devices or not, whether you are able to listen audio from yahoo and other resources, if you are even not listening from any other source also then there is no problem with your Skype you headset or speaker is malfunctioning. And if your speakers or headset is operational and working properly on other devices then please take following steps to check your audio listening problem to curtail it down:

1.    Log into you Skype account and click on call button.

2.    Then click on audio setting..

3.    In new window you will see you speaker/audio/sound setting, Here you may have to set your audio setting, select your audio output devices which is best match to your audio system, also check your audio volume it should not be set lowest or mute.

4.    Click on save and then try again to listen you colleague on Skype whether it is working properly now or not.

If problem persist please check your window volume it may be muted, please uncheck your mute button, your problem will be solved

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