I am having trouble with making Video Calls

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My computer has a 1.6ghz processor and a 1Gb Ram. Its 32 bit. However, when I try to run Skype I cannot video call since they say my computer is too slow,what really are the right specifications for one to make a Video Call through skype?

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I am having trouble with making Video Calls


Hi Aadero

If your skype said that your computer too slow, there's many possibilities. here are some suggestions:

1. you were running too many programs/applications in background. Close all applications/programs that you don't need. You can stop start up of unnecessary programs from start up directories. In group video calls, the initiator/invitator must have faster connection than the other

2. many programs used your internet connection, e.g, upload/download big files/software, antivirus update, or your windows were updating your pc, etc. sometimes it reduce the speed of your internet connection. Make the program to not automatically update and stop upload/download programs

3. your video and sound card driver were not up to date.

4. Clean up your temporary internet browser, recycle bin, cache to get your computer more faster. I suggest to search CCleaner on search engine. this tools can help to optimize your pc

5. you were using high quality video calls while many applications running in the background. it

6. Set your computer to get maximum in performance not in appearance. (If XP go to Start | Control Panel | System | Performance | Settings). Change the settings there. Then on Advanced tab, adjust the performance all to Programs.

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I am having trouble with making Video Calls



Sometimes we see this problem read carefuly the suggestion if it is cooperative


Do you or the person you are talking to have a lot of programs open on your computer?

1. Try closing some of them and see if that makes a difference to your video.


If you are using laptop, you may have problems with video calls when it's in power saving mode.

2. Change your computer to AC power or switch your computer to maximum performance.

Actually Medium quality video calls: 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, windows xp or higher.

   High quality video calls: Intel core duo or faster, plus a Skype certified high quality video webcam.


Try this may be it will be solved like this.

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