I am facing problem with AOL spy blocker.

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I am having start up problems ever since I ran AOL spy blocker.

I have blocked three programs and had a lot of problem starting my computer. I unblocked the programs but still facing problems.

The error I am getting is “addvy.exe cannot run”. And to solve this I am given three options.

  • To debug,
  • To send error report or,
  • Don’t send error report.

No matter which option I chose I get another message saying the same line.

My computer is not even one year old, and I am using Windows XP.

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I am facing problem with AOL spy blocker.


1. First of all, if you are certain that AOL Spy blocker is causing the problem then uninstall the program if you have not done yet. I suggest you install following programs and run them on regular basis.

  1. Ad-ware
  2. Advanced System Optimizer
  3. AVG Anti Virus

Advanced System Optimizer is the tool that cleans your registry and removes redundant or damaged registry entries that could cause problems.

Ad-ware is the program that is able to remove mal-ware.

2. Try killing some processes in the Task Manager, if you can get there. May be one process is running at 99% and freezing the rest of the computer.

3. It may also a sign that you are infected and so when windows loads, go to task manager and look for explorer.exe

4. You can also try booting windows and run a repair for windows, which will also help in solving this issue.

5. Also try removing addvy.exe from the registry. For this in the task manager type regedit, click and look for addvy.exe and delete it. Click F3 to find it again. Then reboot.

6. Try hijack this, run it and then post the log file. And finally run a virus scan to remove any remaining virus or mal-ware.

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