How to expand memory space of my Drive C

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Hi all

I want to ask one simple question that i want when i install new windows copy of XP , i want to know how to wide the drive C cause i want to add many programs but there is no space in C now so how can i wide it so please tell me steps for that

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How to expand memory space of my Drive C



I would like to inform you that widening the driver is not recommended for any operation.

Actually, widening of the DRIVES  happens when you FORMAT your WINDOWS on it. This is called the partition of the Hard Drive or the HARD DISK.

Just REFORMAT or REPROGRAM your WINDOWS/Operating System again to adjust the H. D. Drive.

You just make yourself a headache if you reformat only the DRIVE C, this might corrupt your files and crash the Operating System.

Hope this idea helps.

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How to expand memory space of my Drive C


Adam Ali, your problem is easy to be solved. However you need to know expanding your local disk will require other things also like expanding the RAM and Virtual memory. Things that make your local disk to be filled are the media files since they create directories and shortcuts at times. Reinstalling programs could also be the cause of the filling of the disk C since the instances of some files in the programs cause directory files. The downloaded files that are not completed also fill the local disk and word files.

What you need to do is;

Cleanup those picture and video files and the programs that you do not use since they just fill up your drive.

Partition the hard drive using the manual method or the disk cleanup. You will go to Start->My Computer->Local disk C->Properties

It will show the options you can delete, options range from deleting to compressing files;

You can also move the paging of the files in Local disk C to the other disks. It takes 1GB or more.

Go to Start-> My Computer and right click on the window.

Select Properties in the window.

Select the Advanced tab and click on Settings button under Performance area.

Select Advanced tab and click on Change

Copy the settings of the C drive  to the next drive. Click on Set button and select on C drive.

Click on No paging files and click Set. Apply changes by clicking on Ok. Your problem should be solved

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How to expand memory space of my Drive C


When you say "to wide drive C" or to increase the partition size of drive C, I assume you have the following hard drive setup:

a. You have a hard disk with 2 or more partitions.  The primary partition is for drive C where Windows is to be installed and the other partition(s) is for data.

b. The other partitions are not yet full.

What you need is to download and install a partition manager.  A partition manager is an application that can resize, move, copy, delete, or create partitions on a hard drive WITHOUT having to reformat the entire hard disk.  I recommend EaseUs Partition Master.  It is free and does the job well. 

You can see screenshots of the application here Click EaseUS

Just download and install.  It has an easy to use interface that makes it simple to use even for those who haven't had any experience with partitioning software before.

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