How to use two operating system in one pc

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There are many other operating system in computer world  or it world. I know windows 98, 2000,

2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 are nice version . I am using also Windows XP . I want to 

use new operating system like Linux . I also do not know it is easy or hard to use . If I change 

Windows XP and installed Linux how . And If i want to use that,s two operating system how it,s

possible ?


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How to use two operating system in one pc


To install Linux in your machine and replace the old operating system, you need to first pick which Linux distribution you'd like to use and download an image of it from the respective website. One of the popular Linux distributions around is Debian. You can download an image here:

Download Link

Once you have the image, you can burn it on a CD/DVD or on a USB stick/flash drive/HDD and install it on your machine overwriting the old operating system. If you're very new to Linux, it will take a little time to get used to, but sooner than later you'd realize it's quite an interesting operating system and easy enough to use.

If you'd like to have both a Windows OS and Linux in your system, that is also possible through Dual Booting. If you currently have Windows installed already, the Linux installer (like Ubuntu Linux) will give you an option to install Linux inside Windows. When you boot the computer up, it will prompt you on which operating system to boot into.

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How to use two operating system in one pc


Hi Mickhel,

For sure you can use two operating systems on your computer, what is known as dual-boot. The challenge comes when your computer is running on low memory because it will end up being so slow. To install linux on your system, make sure that windows is already there, because personally I found it easier installing linux on a computer that already has windows and not the other way round.

You will run the installation normally from a CD or another portable drive. When you come to the point where you are asked whether to format the existing partition that has the operating system, say no. Install linux on the same partition as windows but it will create for itself some kind of partition of its own,

After the process is done, when the computer restarts, it will give you an option whether to boot with windows or linux. Choose whichever.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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