How to use Pushbullet app?

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I downloaded an app on my android device and on my laptop in order to share my files easily. However I never made it to actually send something. It needed to have same E-mails logged in on both of the devices so it should've worked. Unfortunately it didn't. Can someone explain me step by step how to use it after installing?

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How to use Pushbullet app?


Once you have it installed the app onto your Smartphone, and as a favorite in your Browser, the following steps are followed to use the program.

  1. Open the Pushbullet website and create an account.  The Pushbullet website can be opened from here.
  2. Sign in using your current Google account.  If you don’t have one, you can create a new one here.  The purpose of this is to open the data/files you’ve pushed and it also allows you to setup the settings to your own liking.

Now you are ready to start pushing files from you Smartphone Mobile Device to the computer.  To do this:

  1. Open the Pushbullet Application on your Smartphone. To push a new file, click the Bullet Icon on the top most right corner
  1. Select the type of data/file you want to put through.  You need to fill in the following necessary fields of the type of data/file you want to push:
  • Note: This sends a message
  • Link: This send a URL to a webpage
  • Address: This send an address and will open in Google Maps
  • List: This send a list of items, such as to-do-list, a checklist or a shopping list etc
  • Picture: This send a photo
  • File: This send a file that was downloaded from the Google Drive site.  It will be pushed to your Smartphone’s Download folder.
  1. Select the place where you would like to push the date/file to
  1. Tap on the Arrow on the right hand side to send the data. If the push was sent successfully, a small pop-up window will appear notifying you of the success.
  1. To access the pushed file on your computer, you can either click on the pop-up window that appeared notifying you that the push was successfully sent, or you can go to the Pushbullet website.  There you will be able to see all the items that were recently pushed.


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