How to use my existing ADSL Wireless Router for Direct Line Internet?

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I am using DLink Wireless Router 2750U model. Earlier I used that for my Internet connection that was based on telephone line. Now, I have a direct connection from the service provider and to connect all the devices I need WiFi. Therefore, I need help in configuring my existing router to enable and connect to my PC, Laptop and Mobile using Wifi. Can someone please share a solution?

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How to use my existing ADSL Wireless Router for Direct Line Internet?

1. Make sure the DSL modem, the wireless Router and the computer are off.
2. Unplug the Ethernet cable that comes from the DSL modem from the computer end.
3. Plug this end in the wireless Router Ethernet input
4. Use the Ethernet cable that came with the Wireless Router and connect to one end to one of the ports of the wireless    Router, and the other end to the computer Ethernet port.
5. Turn the computer on, install the software of the wireless Router 
6. Turn on the wireless Router and the DSL Modem
7. Now you must configure your Wireless Router. Look for the IP address in the documentation or maybe in one label on the bottom. Open the internet browser and type the address, then press enter. Here you can set up, network security, password and other features.

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