How to use Google SketchUp

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I recently heard about new Google SketchUp, And I like it. So I brought one, I want to study how to use it.

I want to Know how to model a geo location in Google maps with this software .

And also its Match photo Improvements function.

Some please give me outline for how to use this.

Have a good day.

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How to use Google SketchUp



Hi Deloresigott,

Google SketchUp is a 3D graphics application. You use this soft to create 3D structure models.

Before you build something complicate, I think you should know how to use tools. Then you combine these tools to make models that are more complex. I will summary functions of group of tools for you.

–          Principle tools: Select, Eraser, Paint Bucket

–          Drawing tools: used to create object, include: Line, Arc, Freehand, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon

–          Modification tools: used to modify object, include: Move, Rotate, Scale, Push/Pull, Follow Me, Offset

–          Camera tools: used to change your point of view, include: Camera Previous, Camera Next, Orbit, Pan, Zoom

–          Construction tools: used to create construction object, include: Tape Measure, Protractor, Axes, Dimension, Text, 3D Text, Section Plane

–          Walkthrough tools: used to view your structure as you are walking through around and in it, include: Position Camera, Walk, Look Around

–          Sandbox tools: used to create and operate with large surfaces, include: Sandbox From Contours, Sandbox From Scratch, Smoove, Stamp, Drape, Add Details, Flip Edge

–          Google Earth and 3D Warehouse tools: used to build geo-located in Earth or 3D warehouse, include: Get Current, Toggle Terrain, Place Model, Get Model, Share Model

Hope this helps

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How to use Google SketchUp


Here's the simple way:

1. You have to be online to use the software.

2. Then open the SketchUp file you want to geo-locate.

3. Choose “File”, then “Geo-Location”. Go to the Menu Bar and “Add a location”.

4. Find the area where you want your model to be located.

5. Click the “Select Region” button to display a cropping rectangle.

6. Continue with dragging the blue pins to specify the size of your geo-location.

7. Click the “Grab” button to add the geo-location that you've made to your SketchUp file. Then you are finished.

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